Zodiac Compatibility Chart & Relationship Report


Zodiac Compatibility Chart & Relationship Report

What is included in my relationship & compatibility report?

★ Increase awareness & promote positive behaviors
Learn your unique relationship dynamic, gain Critical insights and practical suggestions.

★ Strengthen your bond for a long, loving relationship
Discover how to build a healthy & lasting bond between you and your partner.

★ Improve relationships foundations
Prepare for further obstacles by maximizing your strengths and minimizing your weaknesses.

★ Reveal the nature of your compatibility and rekindle the chemistry
Discover the source of your chemistry, which of your personality traits are compatible and which are not.

★ Share dreams & Plan for the future
Evaluate relationship dreams, motives and obstacles, plan and build your further together.

★ Learn solar themes & boost Love energies
Reclaim power in your relationship with the aid of the stars, discover Love energies and themes.

– 100% personalized using your unique birth data
– Digital format high-quality color document, compatible with almost all digital devices
– Delivered in PDF format, via email within 3 working days
– Makes for a thoughtful and unique gift for your partner


Zodiac Compatibility Chart & Reading

The Relationship Zodiac Compatibility Chart and Report describes the unique bond and relationship dynamic that exists between two individuals. This provides an invaluable insight into the psychology, personalities, strengths, weakness, and foundations that exist in the relationship. Therefore testing the relationship compatibility. The Relationship Zodiac Compatibility report achieves this by using an Astrology Birth Chart from both people and combining them to create one. This is called a composite chart. This is why it is similar to a birth chart than say a numerology chart.

A composite chart is similar to a horoscope but much more accurate and detailed. This is made up of the intermediary points of the Birth Chart of both people, which assess the birth chart compatibility. This in many ways, can be thought of as love compatibility by birthdate. The birth chart compatibility examines 4 different layers of the relationship. They are Planets, Signs, Houses, and Aspects. Each providing different insights, to give a true idea of compatibility.

What does the Zodiac Compatibility Chart and Reading cover?

Each of these layers reveals different information about the relationship and thus, the aspects of zodiac compatibility. The Planetary & Signs section analysis and evaluates the influences and energies of the planets. This shows how they change the dynamics of the relationship.

The Houses section represents the physical and behavioral areas of birthday compatibility & zodiac compatibility. They cover physical areas like partners, children, property, behavioral areas like sex, recreation and travel. The Aspects evaluation investigates the angles at which the planetary impulses reach earth. They either combine, conflict, or pass each other. These largely determine the kind of action or stagnation you will experience in the relationship. Primarily because they are the motivating forces in interaction & relationship compatibility.

Combined, the possibilities are vast and the knowledge you gain becomes invaluable because this allows you to identify and work on both good and negative aspects of the relationship. Invest in a relationship & compatibility report today and strengthen your foundations for tomorrow.